Our Nails

Our Philosophy

Welcome to Chells Chairs nails care - a place where beauty co-exists with safe, natural and effective products without the use of harsh chemicals. We invite you to visit our little peacefull place and leave the hectic city behind.

Our Mission

A clean, wellness-minded nail salon.  Working with natural nail treatments. Whe use only pure products, free of harsh chemicals and synthetics.  Our mission; To provide a warm and serene environment where you can treat your nails. 


Our Team

Whe think in details, like a professional. We as a team therefore believe that treating your nails goes with treating your hands. So all our treatments comes with a smoothing hand treatment. You can extend the treatments as you wish. 

Nail Services 


Nailpolish                                                  € 10,- 
Manicure                                                   € 15,-  
Manicure incl. nailpolish                         € 25,-
Manicure incl. Gellak                               € 35,-
Nailpolish colour                                      € 10,-           


Acrylnail 1 Nail                                         € 5,- 
Acryl Refil                                                  € 25,- 
Acrylnails  New Set                                  € 45
Acrylnails verwijderen                            € 10 


Repair 1 Solar Nail                                   € 5,-
Solar Refill                                                 € 30,-

Solarnails  New Set                                  € 50,
Remove Solar                                           € 10,-


Gellak                                                         € 20,-
Repair 1 Gellak Nail                                 € 2,50 
Remove Gellak                                         € 10,-

Spa hand treatment

After your treatment moisturize your nails, soften the cuticles and strengthen the nails. 

Special revitalizing treatment                 €15,-

Using hand cream, and natural essential oils. Great for infections on nails, dry hands, and sore hands. Includes 10 min. hand massage and scrub.